Garage Door Spring Repair Requires a Professional

As a home owner there are some things that are worth trying to save a few bucks and fix yourself. Replacing a broken Torsion Spring / Overhead Door Spring is not one of them. We all know someone who has told us a story about someone getting hurt messing with a garage door spring. Its not worth trying to save a few hundred dollars when it can end up costing you thousands in a ER visit.

If you have a two car garage door or any door that is wider than 12ft you should have (2) Torsion springs on what’s called a torsion bar. These two springs are your counter balance to the weight of your garage door. When one breaks you can still open your garage door with a little help but you need NOT do this too many times as you can damage your garage door opener. These springs require someone who works on them on a daily bases. Even experienced technicians give these springs lots of respect. They can be very dangerous if not installed correctly.

We have people that call our office and say, I want to purchase a torsion spring and our question back to them is, have you ever installed a torsion spring? Many times people say, I watched someone doing it on YouTube and it looked easy enough. Now, of course we do not sell torsion springs because of the danger associated with them. This is why you can’t buy them at any of the big box stores, they don’t want the liability as well.

A pair of garage door springs should last you on average about 10,000 open and shuts. That sounds like a lot but if the overhead door is your front door then it doesn’t take long to run through that many open and shuts. The average garage door in North America opens and shuts 5 to 6 times per day. That’s about 2,200 a year. so in just 4 to 5 years you have to replace your springs. Now we at Owasso Overhead Door offers longer lasting springs. This is done buy providing springs that have more LC (Life Cycles). So if you use your garage door like the front door and are tired of replacing these every few years call us. (918) 633-5183.